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Apply for Scholarship Online

Step 1 of 3: Download and Complete the Application Form

West Scholarship Application Form PDF

You will complete the form on your computer using the live fields within the form. You will be able to save your application in progress on your computer (or external thumb drive if desired) and return to it at a later time if necessary. You will upload your completed application form in further steps of the on-line application process.

To ensure your information is successfully received, please use only Adobe Reader to complete the form. Alternate software such as Preview (Mac computers) may not display your information once uploaded and sent to the committee.

Several questions on the application form may require extra room for your answers. The application form instructs you to create a separate additional PDF for these answers. Please combine these into one PDF document, whether single or multiple pages. Please include your name at the top of each page and label clearly the corresponding question from the application form that you are answering. This PDF will be uploaded in further steps.

Once you have downloaded the Application Form, Proceed to Step 2

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