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Some Common Questions about terms of the West Scholarship

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Q: If my scholarship application is submitted late, do I still have a chance to receive a scholarship next year?

A: Yes. You are encouraged to re-apply. {return to question list}

Q: Can I conduct scholarship business by telephone?

A: All business between the WEST SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE and any student must be submitted in writing – applications, awards, acknowledgments, changes, requests, etc. In order to maintain correct records and to satisfy auditors, all records must be accurate and a written record must document any verbal communications. You may and are urged to telephone the WEST SCHOLARSHIP at any time. The telephone number is 541.883.3857. If not answered immediately, your call is usually returned within one business day. Be certain that you leave your telephone number for a return call. {return to question list}

Q: What rules govern how a student is selected for an award?

A: Award recipients are selected from the following criteria: * Citizenship * Academic Achievement * Financial Need In addition, the COMMITTEE considers each student's personal situation. {return to question list}

Q: What if my school has no record of having received my scholarship funds?

A: Be sure to check with the Financial Aid Office as to their receipt of your funds. If they cannot confirm receipt, contact the WEST SCHOLARSHIP office 541.883-3857. {return to question list}

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Q: What if I wish to change schools?

A: Your scholarship was awarded to you - not the school. It is your option to change schools. However, you must notify the COMMITTEE in writing, explaining the change you wish to make and when you wish to make it. In addition, you must submit a budget pertaining to the new school. If financial aid in the form of grants, loans or work-study is involved in your budget, a copy of your Award Letter must be submitted as well. If your information is received by the COMMITTEE in a timely manner, the transfer of your scholarship funds will be accomplished without any difficulty. The COMMITTEE is concerned that you not lose credits and that the transfer is not made in mid-term resulting in a loss of funds. The COMMITTEE also reserves the right to review the financial need of each student changing schools and may adjust the amount of a previously awarded scholarship. You may contact the COMMITTEE at any time for guidance or counsel. {return to question list}

Q: I am hoping to go on a foreign exchange program. How will that affect my scholarship and what do I need to do to keep my scholarship?

A: Please refer to the FOREIGN STUDY guidelines in the WEST SCHOLARSHIP REQUIREMENTS.
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Q: Must I notify the COMMITTEE if I change my major?

A: No, but it s a good idea. A change of majors usually means some of your hard earned credits may not count towards a degree in the new discipline. In addition, you may require a fifth year to graduate. That circumstance is covered under I. "FIFTH YEAR" in the WEST SCHOLARSHIP REQUIREMENTS. {return to question list}

Q: If I take time off from school, what happens to my scholarship?

A: If, after completing a term or semester, you wish to take time off, your eligibility will depend on submitting your renewal application within the deadline date of April 1st. Before you drop out of school for a term/semester, or for a year, inform the COMMITTEE in writing. {return to question list}

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Q: My finances are depleted. I need to quit school for a year, get a job to earn money for the year after next. How does this affect my scholarship?

A: Your scholarship was awarded to you for the following academic year only. If you drop out of school to earn money, you must reapply at a future date. Please note the circumstances regarding dropping out of school when you submit your application. If your record was in good standing before you dropped out to work, your remaining eligibility for a WEST SCHOLARSHIP will continue. {return to question list}

Q: I dropped a class and am now taking only 11 credit hours. How does this affect my scholarship?

A: You will be placed on academic probation for one term. You will receive prorated funding for the following term but must comply with the minimum of 12 credit hours and GPA requirements. Upon completion of 12 credit hours and a satisfactory GPA the following term, your eligibility will continue without further consequence. If the minimum for credit hours or GPA is not met for a second term your scholarship will be terminated. {return to question list}

Q: I come from a broken home and live with my mother and two younger siblings. My Father provides no support. In order for me to get a college education, I am working 35 hours per week in addition to attending school. Part of my earnings help support my family. If I am able to carry only 8 credit hours per term, can I still receive the WEST SCHOLARSHIP?

A: Yes you can. Although under normal situations, full time enrollment is required. A written request can be submitted to the COMMITTEE which will consider special circumstances in accordance with the following wishes of Merle West. "Take students who have graduated from high school in Klamath County (the year does not matter), students who are primarily good citizens, who have good scholastic marks, who need help to finance their college education and who will be able to handle the work load once in college. Get them into college any way possible, guide, advise, aid, but keep them in school until they have completed whatever course they have selected." {return to question list}

Q: Why are the funds sent directly to the Financial Aid Office of my school?

A: Compliance with Internal Revenue Service regulations requires that distributions from the WEST SCHOLARSHIP FUND must be made directly to the school of the recipient's choice. {return to question list}

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Q: After mailing a copy of my grade report at the end of each term/semester, must I still furnish a transcript with my renewal application?

A: Yes. The OFFICIAL transcript is required because it reflects a summary of all grades, hourly credits and curriculum for the student. A grade report indicates progress for one term/semester. The transcript is required because it reflects a summary of all grades, hourly credits and curriculum for the student. A new or renewal application will be considered incomplete if the transcript, including your most recently completed term/semester, or proof of request for transcript is not attached to the application. {return to question list}

Q: How do I complete the budget section of both the original and renewal scholarship applications? Some of the blanks do not fit my case, and I need other blanks.

A: The column on the right side lists all expense items related to your cost of attending school. List all expenses, itemizing "other education expenses". Total the column. The column on the left side lists the resources available to you. List your resources, but DO NOT complete the space labeled "Scholarship Requested". Total the column. Subtract your total from the "receipts" columns from the total of the "expense" column. The difference is the amount to enter into the "Scholarship Gift Requested" space in order to balance the two columns. You may include an additional page to provide data explaining your financial status or to provide any explanation, which you think, might enhance your chances of being selected as a scholarship recipient. {return to question list}

Q: What is a FAFSA determination or SAR? What is an Award letter? How do I get one? How does it affect my scholarship application?

A: FAFSA stands for a Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This form is used to apply for federal student financial aid, and it is available at any college financial aid office or by request from the WEST SCHOLARSHIP office. Once you have completed a FAFSA and mailed it to the processor, the U.S. Department of Education will mail back a determination called a Student Aid Report or SAR. It takes at least four weeks to receive a SAR after the processor receives your FAFSA form. Your scholarship application will be considered incomplete without copies of your FAFSA OR SAR attached. An Award Letter is a letter from the college you will attend listing the financial aid they are offering you and you are eligible to receive. This is referred to as your financial aid package. This letter is generated by the college, following their receipt of your SAR. If you have not received an Award Letter by the April 1st application deadline date, please submit a copy as soon as possible. {return to question list}

Q: How do I receive a renewal application?

A: You are responsible for obtaining a renewal application. These forms are available by contacting the West Scholarship Office or you can download the application from this website. {return to question list}

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