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Step 2 of 3: Complete the Application Form PDF and gather required and recommended supplemental documents

The following is a list of the required and recommended supplemental documents you will need to gather, as well as a list of important sections within the Application Form that you should check for accurate completion. You will find check-boxes for these items on page four of the application form. Make sure that you prepare all of the supplemental documents in PDF format according to the instructions of each section below. If you would like to have a printable copy of the required and supplemental documents list, you may download the West Scholarship Application Instructions PDF and refer to page two.

Prepare the Following Required Documents for Upload:

Create a separate PDF file for each of these required documents. The result should be a total of six (or seven if you have a college transcript) required PDF documents which you will upload in further steps. Only PDF formats will be accepted.

  1. Your transcript for the last high school you attended in Klamath County.
  2. Your college transcript(s) (if applicable) or proof of request of transcript for each college attended, up to and including your most recently completed term prior to April 1st.
  3. Results from an ACT or SAT test (page 2 of application) These results may be posted on your high school transcript. Check to make sure or submit a copy of the actual test results. If you are applying for a VOCATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP AWARD OR ATTENDING COMMUNITY COLLEGE, you do NOT need the results of an ACT or SAT test.
  4. A one-page composition. It must be your original thought and can be either typed or handwritten in black ink, either cursive or printed. The subject of this paper is “What do you wish you could have done differently to help prepare yourself for the future?” You are cautioned not to take this requirement lightly, as it will enter into the consideration process for selection of awardees.
  5. Letters from two individuals (teachers, coach, club leader, pastor, etc.) NOT related to you, attesting to (a) your aptitude for the course of study you intend to pursue, and (b) your character, including moral principles and citizenship.
  6. A copy of all pages of your FAFSA Determination (FASFA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid) or SAR (Student Aid Report). The FASFA is used to apply for federal student financial aid and is available at any college Financial Aid Office. Once you have completed a FASFA and mailed it to the processor, the U.S. Department of Education will mail back to you a determination, which is referred to as your SAR. It takes at least four weeks to receive a SAR after the processor receives your FAFSA form. Your scholarship application will be considered incomplete without a copy of the SAR attached.
  7. A copy of your Award letter from the college you will attend, listing the financial aid they are offering you which is referred to as your financial aid package. This letter is usually generated by the college after you have sent them your SAR. It may or may not be sent to you by our April 1st deadline. If you have not received an Award letter by April 1, please submit a copy of it as soon as you receive it..
Important Required Sections to Check for Accurate Completion:
  1. Thoroughly complete the budget and financial statement. Your receipt and expense totals must be the same figure. List figures in the blanks next to “Total Assets”, “Total Liabilities”, and “Net Worth”. Please round these figures to the nearest dollar. List all persons who receive financial support from the applicant’s family other than the applicant. Both parents must be listed on the parental/spouse information and references. A parent or spouse of applicant must sign page three of the application.
  2. Both parents must be listed on the parental/spouse information and references. A parent or spouse of applicant must sign page three of the application.
  3. Sign the application in two places on page four. Check appropriate box pertaining to violation of the law.

NOTE: All of the above must be completed or your application will not be given consideration.

Documents Not Required but Recommended by the Selection Committee:

Prepare the folowing recommended documents and create a PDF file for each. The result should be a total of two supplemental PDF documents which you will upload in further steps. (These two PDF documents are not a part of the extended answers for which you are instructed to create an additional PDF on the application form, as mentioned in Step 1).

  1. Further copies of resumes, records, citations, honors or other documents, which you feel, may augment your application.
  2. Provide any additional information you feel may enhance your probability for scholarship award.
Once you have completed the Application Form PDF (along with a separate PDF for extended answers) and prepared the required and recommended PDF documents,
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